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September 2001

Saturday, September 22:

Today is the day.  What day, you ask?  The day of the parade.  The one day of the year that people actually come to Hartford.  It's going to be tough washing the trucks today and organizing the parade for me this year.  The reason is that I hurt my back (again) while fighting a house fire in Hubbard Township last Thursday.  Yea, it was pretty intense.  I've been asking around for any good back rubs, but nobody seems to want to help me out :-)   Don't worry, I'll cope.  My Badger Soccer site has been getting quite a few hits lately.  I think word finally spread to the players and fans.  Well, I'm off to the station for a day of mass chaos.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, September 16:

It has been over 5 days since the tragedy and I am still speechless.  For the past few days, we have been wearing black bands over our badges to pay homage to our fallen brethren.  Words just can't describe it.  I am going to New York City this Sunday to attend the mass funeral service being held in Central Park.  We intend to leave at 4am Sunday morning and return late Sunday night.  On a lighter note, my hometown's annual Apple Festival is coming up this coming weekend.  So, if you like good food, and would like to see yours truly driving the fire truck in the parade; head on out.

Tuesday, September 11:

What can I say.  Today is one of the worst days in American history.  I've been glued to the television since 8:45 this morning.  It is now 6:00pm.  Over the day, we (Trumbull County) have organized a 58 firefighter crew to head out to New York to help.  I've been ordered to stay at Brookfield Fire Dept. for mandatory overtime starting at 7:00 tomorrow morning to cover for the people leaving for New York.  I'm not allowed to leave until released.  I am not angry though.  Believe me, I'd do anything to help out the thousands of people (including fellow firefighters and paramedics) that lost their lives.  My friend Mike has put together some links dealing with the crisis.  What a sad day for us all.

Monday, September 10:

Actually, it is very early Monday morning (around 1:30 or so).  I just wrapped up the first stages of my new project.  I've decided to create a site for my old high-school's soccer team.  For the past few weeks, I have been helping out with the practices and coaching.  We've been doing pretty well.  So far, the varsity team is 3-0-1.  We beat Harding today 3-0.  The game was pretty cool.  Our goalkeeper, Josh, got his third shutout in a row.  Way to go guys.  Anyways, the link to the site is  I only have the title page, main page, and roster done.  By the end, I should have game and individual player stats for each game, as well as a cumulative stats page.  Yes, I do have too much time on my hands.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  I'm going to bed now!

Saturday, September 2:

Ladies and gentlemen, I can now die a happy man.  Well, that is if I live past tomorrow.  The first Night of the Sharon Nationals was a blast!  I got to party with some of the best sprint drivers of the country.  Some of the names (my new buds) are: Ed Lynch Jr., Kenny Jacobs, Dean Jacobs, and the Chesson brothers.  Props to the All-Stars Sprint Series officials for buying the fire crew a case of beer!  The races didn't end until after 2 a.m.  Then the festivities began.  Drinking and good times were had by all.  It is now, late Sunday morning and the speedway fire crew and I are having our morning beer (Corona for me) and breakfast.  Am I ready for day two?   HELL YEA!