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What can you say about these guys.  They are one of the best.  Radiohead has helped me through a lot of tough times in my life.  Their music seemed to reflect my inner self perfectly.  It's hard to find a group where you love just about every song they ever made.  The emotions brought on by their songs are just undescribable.  My brother Jeff would agree.  He recently got the chance to see them live in Cleveland.  Also, if you ever want a live, remix, or bootleg song from these guys; he has it!

Radiohead has put out 4 major US releases:

1.  PABLO HONEY  -  February 1993

2.  THE BENDS  -  March 1995

3.  OK COMPUTER  -  June 1997

4.  KID A  -  March 2000

5.  AMNISIAC  -  June 2001

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