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Among the techno bands listed on my music site.  This would have to be my absolute favorite.  They have it all, upbeat dance, aggressive, slow and beautiful.  Orbital created one of the most powerful songs of all time (in my book).  It is called Halcyon+On+On from the BROWN ALBUM.  Anybody who has heard this song will agree.  Every time I hear the song, it takes me away to a place where nothing or nobody can affect me in any way.  I'm flying.

Orbital put out 6 major US releases:

1.  GREEN ALBUM  -  September 1991

2.  BROWN ALBUM  -  May 1993

3.  SNIVILISATION  -  August 1994

4.  IN SIDES  -  June 1996

5.  THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE  -  June 1999

6.  THE ALLTOGETHER  -  April 2001

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