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October 2001

Wednesday October 31:

Happy Halloween.  Last night, I played my first indoor soccer game of the season.  Hey Sarah, thanks for coming to watch me!  Actually, the other team decided not to show up.  We ended up playing against ourselves for the hour.  Our new goal keeper Mike "The Man" Capozzi was one of the MVP's.  He did a great job.  I ended the night with 3 goals and 2 assists.  Not bad for an old geezer, huh?  As for Susan, she spend the entire day yesterday in surgery.  She's doing better, but she's not out of the woods yet.  I'm still prayin' for ya.

Sunday, October 28:

I just got back from St. Elizabeth hospital.  I was visiting two of my good friends who were in a serious accident last night.  Kevin is okay, but Susan isn't so good.  My prayers go out to ya!  It's truly amazing how fragile life is.  One minute, everything is okay, the next, you're struggling just to stay alive.  Being in the fire service, I see many accidents, but it is always much harder to cope when someone you know is involved.  It's times like these where you realize and reflect on your own mortality.  I'm just glad they are alive.

Friday, October 19:

As my instant messenger profile says, "Aren't epiphanies grand?"  All I needed to do to improve my life was to get rid of some baggage.  I should have done this long ago.  This past week has been great.  Let me list a few of the things now:  1.  My new Stang.  2.  My light work week.  3.  The chance to fight a nasty car fire.  4.  And, of course, Tater!  As for the last reason, I'm really excited to see what the future holds :-)

Wednesday, October 17:

Today is Wednesday.  And that means it's Rural Metro night at Visa's.  I'm due for some fun.  Well, it's amazing how life can twist and turn.  During the past few days (for certain reasons) I've been down in the dumps.  Yesterday, I went on a wonderful date with a wonderful person.  Yes, I'm hovering somewhere around cloud nine.  However, I am not looking too far into this.  This time, I'm just going to let things take it's course.  It's nice to feel good again.

Sunday, October 14:

I've made up my mind today.  From now until the day I die, I vow never to talk to Miss Morgan-Milligan.  There are only so many lies a man can take before he either dies or goes insane.  Yes, I feel bad, but I am a strong person.  It's hard to move on.  As much as I'd hate to admit, she has been a big part of my life for the past 2 years.  Once again, I need to find comfort in my friends.  AT LEAST THEY DON'T LIE.

On a lighter note, I finally got my car.  Take a look.

Friday, October 5:

It's the end of another long work week; and I feel the same way I always do.  Man, I need to do something here.  There are many times during the day where I have to keep from breaking down.  It's tough.  I need to find comfort in my friends.  Case in point, you will find me at Visa's tonight as well as tomorrow.  We will meet there at least, then head out wherever.  On a brighter note, I'm in the process of purchasing a car.  I am not going to tell you what it is.  If you know me, you'll be able to guess what kind!  Don't worry, there will definitely be some pictures of the car posted!

Monday, October 1:

Well, Brian, Jack, Mike, and I went to see Coinmonster....again.  They rocked....AGAIN!!  This time, we saw them Saturday night at Nyabhingi (sorry if I butchered the spelling).  All of us had a great time.  Jon can do some truly amazing things with a guitar.  Nothing much has changed on the home front.  I still don't have a home :-)     I'm riding the same old roller coaster.  Right now, the car isn't moving too fast.  Sometimes I wonder if it is even running in the right direction?  This Saturday, I have been honored with the opportunity to drive Hartford's fire truck in a county wide parade to honor the fallen firefighters.  Hopefully, I'll be able to get some pictures.  Oh yea, I do have some pictures of the Hartford parade.  They will be posted here soon.