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May 2002

Thursday, May 30:

It's 1 a.m.  This is how I feel about the super-suck day I just had.

Friday, May 24:

How bored am I?  You'll be surprised!

I'm sure you've heard of the rumor about the movie Fight Club in which there are certain frames where Tyler Durden (as well as certain phallic images) appear.  The first few times I watched the movie, I had no clue there were any hidden frames.  They certainly didn't catch my eye.  My roommate Matt saw one of them.  He said that there were three Tyler sightings during the movie.   So, I decided to sit down today and watch the whole damn thing frame by frame.  Low and behold, I found FOUR hidden Tyler sightings!  Was that enough?  Of course not.  I captured the frames and posted them for your viewing pleasure!

Click here to see the hidden frames.

Man, I have no life!

Thursday, May 23:

I'm all better now.  Had a bit of a breakdown there.  Once again, my bike was my saving grace.  Man, if my bike could cook, clean, and carry on a conversation; dammit, I'd marry the thing!

Wednesday, May 22:

My recent discovery:

Emotional instability + Alcohol = Not a good time to work on your web site.

Sunday, May 19:

I have just seen what possibly could be the funniest commercial ever.  Trust me, it's worth the download.  Click here to check it out.  

During a wonderful conversation with Kari about cars we've owned in the past, we found out that both of us had a Chevette for a first car.  I thought I was the only loser that had one of those things!  Well, I (being the dork that I am) decided to find at least one picture of every car I owned.  Needless to say, I found a picture of every one.  Unfortunately, some of them contained old pictures of myself.  Yuck!  Anyways, click here to see them.

Also, I updated my archive page to include all the different pictures throughout the site.


Monday, May 13:

Geesh, it's been over a week since I posted.  I must be slipping.  Oh well.  Nothing much is really happening, other than the fact that it is raining like a mother!  Also, my Outer Banks North  Carolina vacation is coming up.  I'll be down there the week of June 2.  Well, I'll try to find something more interesting to write about and get back to you.  I'm off to Cedars for a few Straubs.

p.s.  Mic check:   Wooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhrr!!!

Friday, May 3:

Looks like a beautiful weekend!

Thursday, May 2:

Idiot Chronicles, Chapter 2:

Similar to Chapter 1, this story also has to do with a ride on my Cannondale.  This one happened before I even left the house!  Yesterday, after work, I decided to head to the park for another ride.  As I was leaving, I remembered that the little magnet (needed for keeping speed with my cyclo-computer) fell off of my front wheel of my bike while driving home from the park after a prior ride.  I sat down on the back porch, grabbed my front wheel and the super-glue, and went to work.  Unfortunately, the glue hasn't been used in a year or so.  Needless to say, the glue wasn't coming out.  Me,  being the idiot I am, proceeded to bite at the tip of the dispenser to free it up.  What happened next?  You guessed it.  I broke through, and got a mouth full of super-glue!  As of this morning, I got all the glue off my tongue, but there is still some on my front teeth.  Yes, I've learned my lesson.  Stay tuned for more exciting episodes from the Idiot Chronicles.  I'm sure there will be plenty.