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March 2002

Sunday, March 31:

Hello all.  Happy Easter.  I made it back from South Padre Island.  I have so much to say, but I'm just too damn tired to tell it all now.  Also, I have a ton of pictures.  As a teaser, here are a few pictures of where we stayed, plus a few pics at the beach.  I'm sorry, but Shane has all the "good" pictures in his camera.  Hopefully, he will send them to me right quick!  

Monday, March 25:

Only two more days until I jet out to South Padre Island which is near Corpus Christi, Texas.  Why not Cancun like planned, you ask?  Well, none of us have the extra cash (almost twice as much) to stay in Cancun for 5 days.  I can't wait to leave this dreary weather behind!  Oh yea, Instead of "Random Quotes"  I decided to post a bit of my own writing.  Call them poems, call then whatever you like.  I wrote this piece about a year ago.  Man time flies fast.

Cartoon of the week.

Thursday, March 21:

The calendar tells me that this is spring.  The why the heck is it snowing like crazy?  I hate snow.  Anyways, I've been notified today that my primary e-mail address, , is dropping my POP3 service.  That really sucks.  For some reason, web mail seems tedious.  From now on, my main e-mail is going to be  You can also use

Sunday, March 17:

Once again....

In the immortal words of my August 26, 2001 entry...

"Why do I even bother."

I quit.

Saturday, March 16:

In case you weren't there, Coinmonster rocked as usual.  I had a lot of fun.  The cool thing is that the weekend is only half over.  Must rest up, because I have an extra night of partying to do this weekend.  Yes, St. Patrick's Day is here.  Unfortunately, I have to be at work the next morning.  Yes Jeremy, but even though you have to work Monday morning, you're still staying out Sunday night, right?  Of course.  However, I'm not looking forward to the upcoming week though.  Work is going to be tough.   No need to let that bother me now, I have some partying to do.  Anybody up for some shots?

p.s.  stick figures are cool.

Sunday, March 10:

Another weekend in the books.  This time though, I don't have any interesting stories to bring back.

Hey, did you see the CBS special "9/11"?  All I can say is wow.  For the entire time, I was glued to the television.  I didn't even touch the freshly opened Coors Light sitting next to me.  My only wish is that I could have taped it.  The show reinforced the pride I have in being a firefighter.  My heart goes out to each and every one of the victims of that terrible day.


Friday, March 1:

Thus begins the month of March, and I'm sick as a dog.  The funny thing is that I already planned to have this day off.  It's a good thing I picked this day to be sick.  Also, It's a BAD thing I picked this day to be sick.  I was supposed to go out with my friend Chrissie last night, but SHE IS SICK.  I sense a theme coming on here.  Is anybody else sick out there?  Anyways, I am going to force myself to get better by tonight.  I don't want to miss my buddy's going away party.  Oh well.  Wish me luck and a speedy recovery!