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March 2001

Saturday, March 31:

Stupid me!!  I just figured out that I should put my entries in chronological order with the MOST RECENT up top.  Sometimes I wonder how I get by in this world.  Well, back on the 20th, I said I was up to my eyeballs in debt.  It has now climbed past my eyeballs and over my head.  I've been pulled under.  Somehow I have to pull $500 out of thin air.  The idea of selling plasma, blood, body parts, etc. has become quite attractive.

Saturday, March 24:

Hello all.  It is 4:30a.m.  For some reason, I feel like writing.  To put it short, I had a bad day today (Friday).  Work sucked, I didn't have too much luck with you know who.  But..................It is truly amazing how things work out.  Like every other boring Friday night, I headed out for Visa's to see my friends.  As it turns out, I met two wonderful girls, Courtney, and Liz.  As a night cap, I ended up going with Liz and Leslie to a little diner for breakfast.  We talked for hours.  This is how friends are made. Chalk this one up as a good night.

Tuesday, March 20:

Happy birthday Mandi.  The word for today is DEBT.  I'm up to my eyeballs in it.  My instincts tell me not to spend money, but somehow, I do.  It always seems justifiable in some way.  Actually, the real reason is that I spontaneously decided to spend 10 times more than I should have for Mandi's birthday present.  Started with a $60 idea, ended up with a $600 gift.  What can I say.  Also, I'm one of those hard to find, old fashioned guys who likes giving better than receiving.  As it turns out, this afternoon, I found out that the repair bill for my laptop is $430 and the fee for my motorcycle registration (title transfer) is $89.  It is truly amazing how things work.  HELP ME!!!!!

Sunday, March 18:

Happy St. Patrick's day everybody.  I've come to the conclusion that I need a new job.  My present job just doesn't make me happy.  Also, it affects the people around me.  If I'm in a bad mood because of my job, it is a given that I'll find some way to pass that mood along to my friends and family.  You know what would make me very happy.......WARM WEATHER!!!

Wednesday, March 14:

My computer is finally up and running again.  I had to use my secondary cd-rom and switch the drive letters to install most of my programs (don't ask, I have no idea).  Tell me something, is it possible to be too nice?  Is it possible not to be worthy of someone's love and attention?  I seem to be plagued with this disease.  More than a few times, this has been used on me to explain the ending or absence of a relationship.  Personally, I believe that nobody is too good for somebody.  Look at Mother Theresa.  Was she "too good" for the people she helped; and she was a saint!  Damn me for being the nice guy.  "Nice guys really do sleep alone."

Monday, March 5:

Ice is a very bad thing!!!  At work today, I slipped on a sheet of ice near the front door of the department and re-injured myself!!  I've come to the realization that my soccer season is over for at least six months.  What a drag.  At least I still have my cycling (I hope).   The weekend was nice.  Mandi made a surprise 3 a.m. visit Saturday night.  We hung out all day Sunday.  "I'd have to say it was a good day."  

Saturday, March 3:

Wow, what a night!!  The whole crew was at Visa's, including the long lost Joel.  It is amazing how a night with good friends lifts your spirits.  I sang "Tommy the Cat" along with the crew.  It seemed like an endless supply of beer and shots were at our fingertips.  The flaming Dr. Pepper sent me over the edge.  What a blast.

Friday, March 2:

Well, thanks to Media Jukebox 6, My computer crashed yesterday.  I lost just about everything.  Luckily, I uploaded everything I need for this site.  Unluckily, I lost all of my papers, documents and some 500 mp3s!  Oh well.  Work was a drag today.  They yelled at me for being nice to the loony patients at Orange Village.  If you want to know the whole story, ask me.  Many times today, I found myself on the verge of crying.  These are not happy times.