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The Sharon Speedway Fire Crew

In April of 2001, I was lucky enough to be asked to join the Sharon Speedway Fire crew.  This was an honor to me.  For the past 4 years, I've been selling 50/50 raffle tickets at the speedway for the Hartford Vol. Fire Dept.  During that time, I watched the races and the fire crew at work.  I remember thinking to myself, "Man, what I wouldn't do to get on that crew!"  Well, I am now, and it is great!  I'm already on the roster for next year's crew (signed up for turn 4 of course).  Unfortunately, this year has come to an end.  I can't wait for 2002!

Listed below are some pages containing pictures and movies I've collected during my time at the track.

2001 regular season misc.

2001 Sharon Nationals