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December 2001

Monday, December 31:

This will be the last entry for the 2001 year; and what a year it has been.  Let's see, my first entry was Tuesday, February 27.  It was a short entry..."Where do I begin?  I may have  talked to Mandi for the last time today.  It looks like it may really be over.  Also, I tore my groin during my indoor soccer game.  This is by far the worst injury I've ever had.  Talk about adding insult to injury.  At this rate, I should be dead by tomorrow afternoon...etc...etc"  It's a small entry, but a powerful one.  One of these things is still bothering me, the other one is not.  Can you pick?  The groin injury still bothers me a little bit .  As for the other ordeal mentioned above, I can now look back on the many entries and smirk.  Yes, I've grown quite a bit over the last year.  This site has grown as well.  The hits have increased from about 10 per month, to over 100 per month.  Check out the stats.  Here's a peek at what the site looked like when I started back in February  *click here*.  Man, I was pretty depressed.  You won't believe how much better I feel now.  I owe it all to my friends who stuck by and helped me out.

Eternal thanks to: April, Alissa, Missy, Amy, Carrie, Tammy, Tonya, Kelli, Mike Capozzi, Mike Nyers, Chris Foster, Matt Causer, Matt Shope, Leslie, Liz, Paul, Carlie, Matt Kesic, Jack, Serb, Kori, Joel, Davey, Brian DiTullio, Shane, Hugga, Kevin, Adam, Ann, Dawn, Benny, Chief and the boys from the FD, the guys on the Speedway Fire Crew, and most of all, my family.    *p.s., if I forgot anybody, yell at me.

It's wonderful people like you that make this world joy to be a part of.

Wednesday, December 26:

Well, 'tis the day after Christmas.  What did I get, you ask?  I got the flu!  Oh, and I also got a 1.7 gigahertz processor/motherboard.  Thanks guys!  I found myself sitting in front of the television this morning.  You'll never guess what I found.  I found an old movie called UHF.  This movie is a true classic.  I've watched it so many times that I can recite the entire film line for line.  Yes, I'm a loser.  It is time for me to get back to sleep now.  I hate getting over the flu.  I really hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas!

Sunday, December 23:

It is the eve of Christmas Eve.  How do I feel?  Well, let me just say that I now fully understand why so many people get depressed around the holidays.  My friend Missy put it best when she wrote, "Holidays bring out memories of things you had and will never have the same again. It makes you think of how things were, the good times. Time may heal the wounds but will never let you forget."  This will be the first Christmas I've been "flying solo" in six years.  Oh well, on the flip side, my recent mood has sparked the drive to stay fit.  Over the weekend, I rode 30 miles and ran 8 miles.  I've found that riding/running help me a great deal when I feel down.  Well, I'm off to make myself a nice Captain and coke (these help too).

Thursday, December 20:

I HATE Christmas shopping!  Let's see, there are 5 more days until Christmas and I still have to shop for half of my family.  Can you say "procrastination?"  Well, I'm off to Atlanta again.  My trip begins the day after Christmas.  We will be there until New Years Eve.  Hopefully, we will not run into any snow on the way.  I hope I can gather up enough money to be able to go out while I'm down there!  Yes, it is quite different.  Oddly enough, a $5 Captain and coke tastes the same as a $2 one.  Oh well.  It's a great time.

I have a new poll.  Check it out.

Saturday, December 15:

Sorry for the delay, but for some reason, I'm not able to connect to tripod with any of my FTP programs.  Also, my browser refuses to connect to tripod.  Yes, you guessed it, I'm forced to use AOL's browser.  YUCK!  This problem has me stumped.  "Well, why don't you use your laptop then?"  Good question.  The only thing is that THE SAME THING HAPPENS!!  My next step is to connect to the net using an ISP other than AOL.  Let me know if there is anything else I can do.

One more thing, "Hey April, I changed my webcam page"

Monday, December 10:

I just realized something.  Until just now, I never realized how much of a computer nerd I am.  At the moment, I am working on both my desktop and my laptop at the same time.  Both are running different assorted applications.  See for yourself:      So anyways, after I came home from work today, Matt and I headed out to Boardman Park for a brisk walk.  All in all, we did about 2 miles.  During that time, we managed to spill out each other's life stories.  That's just what I needed to make me feel better.  It's nice to have friends that will listen.

Saturday, December 8:

Well, I'm all moved in.  This is great.  I'm just about 10 minutes away from everything.  Also, I like having four walls and a door around my bed.  The only things I still have to get are my CDs and a few cups and glasses.  I'd better get back to work.  I sill have quite a bit to do around here.

Sunday, December 2:

It seems like I've sparked some interest in my poll.  I would like to thank all who voiced their opinion (...I'd like to know who responded with the conversation question).  To answer that, I'm not really sure what inspired me to create this poll.  However, I do enjoy the feedback.  "Is revenge a good thing?"  Well, I'm not sure.  Given my passive nature, one would believe that I'd be against revenge.  On the other hand, revenge can be very sweet if done right.  Hmm....what a conundrum.

Oh, I've modified my site a bit.  Let me know what you think about the changes!