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April 2002

Saturday, April 27:

I have some pictures of the opening night at the new Sharon Speedway.  Unfortunately, just after the hot laps were done,  they had to call the race on the count of rain.  Hopefully, next weekend will be better.

Check out the pictures of opening night.

p.s.  Hey  Carrie, Tonya, and Tammy, thanks for saying hi!

Thursday, April 25:

As of today, my e-mail address is officially dead.  It was fun Yahoo, but I will not pay for your damn POP service!

Tuesday, April 23:

Rest in peace Layne.  I absolutely loved your music.

Wow, what a shock, huh.  I think that, overall, Alice In Chains was the most talented band of the Seattle grunge scene.  They were definitely my favorite.  Closely followed by Pearl Jam and Sound Garden.  I know, "What about Nirvana?"  I like them too, just not as much as the others.  Who was your favorite Seattle grunge band?  Hmm, sounds like a new poll question.  Check it out.

For some cool hockey images, click here.

Friday, April 19:

I've come to the conclusion that some people never change.  Yea, it may be cool now, but 10 years down the road, GROW UP or WATCH OUT.

On a lighter note, COINMONSTER is coming to town tonight.  Am I going to be there?  Of course.  Hey Matt, suck it up and come out, I know Mike is coming.  Also, the new opening night for the Sharon Speedway is Saturday, April 27.  Guess what, I'm returning to my home again this year as the "Turn 4 Firefighter."  If you come out to watch a race, be sure to stop me and say hello!

Monday, April 15:

Idiot chronicles, chapter 1:

To start it off, I ventured to the park after work today to log some miles on the Cannondale.  After a beautiful 20 mile ride in which nothing went wrong (usually something always goes wrong, ie. flat tires, things I forgot back at the house), I started removing my helmet, gloves, sun glasses, and my portable mp3 player.  After packing my bike away and throwing my stuff inside the car, I headed home.  As I made a right hand turn from Shields onto Market, I heard this loud crack.  I looked back just in time to see my portable mp3 player flying off my roof and into oncoming traffic!!!!  Needless to say, it was gone.  Did I retrieve it, you ask?  Yes.  Why?  For postarity.  Take a look for yourself.  What an idiot.

Wednesday, April 10:

Wow, what a week so far.  To start things off, we (the crew of Engine 18) were speeding to a house fire Monday morning, when the driver (anonymous) put the engine in the ditch while pulling into the driveway!  I was in the passenger side rear "jump seat."  I fell out of the door and landed on my oxygen tank.  OUCH!  Fortunately, Chief was right behind us with Engine 181.  We proceeded to extinguish what turned out to be a small basement fire.  Nobody was hurt, thank God.  Yesterday, right after I finished pigging out on Subway, we got called out to another house fire!  This one turned out to be a small electrical fire which was put out by one of our hand held fire extinguishers.  Today, our shift captain decided to do some spring cleaning.  Needless to say, we cleaned, and cleaned,.....and cleaned all day long!  Tomorrow is Friday, right?  Damn.  I can't wait until the weekend.

P.S.  Here's the NEW cartoon of the week.  It isn't really a cartoon, but hey, I like it!

Hey, who is the dork in the hockey jersey?

Saturday, April 7:

This is weird.  The house is full of odd smells and sounds.  Whiffs of perfume and home cooked food pass by.  Everything is so clean now.  Is this the end of existence?  Nay, It's just April visiting from Atlanta.  She arrived yesterday evening and is staying for a week.  Wow, that food smells good!!!

Hey, I have a question for ya.  I've had this ongoing debate for quite some time now.  I've decided to post it as my "new poll question!!"  Well, here's the question.  How do you pronounce "Ralph Lauren."  I've heard it both ways from many different people.  Do you accent the "LAU" or the "REN" in Lauren?  I'm not going to let you know where I stand, because I'm trying to be impartial here.  Anyways, check it out.

Tuesday, April 2:

Through the wonders of technology, the whole world is now able to hear everything that goes on where I work here at the Brookfield Fire Department.  We have been added to the Infinity Online Real Audio Network.  If you want to tune in to see what we are up to, click here.  If you are lucky, you might be able to hear me!