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Contained within are some pictures that define my need for survival and progression (actually, these are just a few things I think are fun). Just click on the pictures for a full size view.

Just click on the picture for a full image.



      This is my new bike. It's a 1990 Kawasaki Ninja 600R. It replaced my beloved Mustang. This bike is pretty much stock. I do, however, have some friends who have the know-how to help me make it fly (......hmmmm, good idea or not)? Oh well, other than being screamed at by my friends and loved ones, flying on this Ninja has been pretty fun so far.

    Here is my (other) bike. It's a 1998 Cannondale R1000 Saeco Team   Replica with full Dura-Ace and Spinergy Rev-X wheels. This is the sole reason I'm not 300 pounds by now. Fortunately, I love to ride. It's a great release for me. Someday, I'd like to get back to racing.............someday.




     Believe it or not, sometimes I like to mountain bike also.  My ride is a 1996 Schwinn S-nine5.6 with a Rock Shox Mag 21 suspension fork.  Unlike my road bike, this steed is pretty much stock.  In the pictures above, myself, and a few friends from the Brookfield Fire Department (Wayne and Ben) decided to head out to our local ATB trail for a day of riding.  Amazingly, nobody got hurt!  The mud was a different story.  What a blast!      Yes, I love to play soccer. Unfortunately, I'm way too old to compete in anything serious. I especially like indoor soccer. The game fits me well (small and quick) :-P This is a picture of me when I was with Team Metro out of Warren, Ohio. Our home field was in Hudson, Ohio. Man, those were the days!!! You can find me playing now on the team called "Hugga FC" at Farmer Jims.